Monday, August 10

Gutters: Recession Blues

I know..I know...complaining. But this is included in my vague often selfish definition of things I consider "gutters". Aka....things that get in the way of my enjoyment as an artist.

Spent the entire day today coloring two 11 x 17 images entirely with my mouse. My right hand is just this side of a horrible claw and all I can do is be happy that I draw entirely with my left. During the whole process I kept complaining to myself "this would be done already if I just had a graphic tablet!" and then redouble my efforts as I realized...the only way I am ever going to get one of them is by doubling my payable jobs.

There is a sad truth in being an upcoming (thankfully working) artist in our current economic wedgie. The better the tools, the better the end product looks. The better the product, the more money. the more money, the better the tools.

It goes on like this for quite some time til you die a master, or sell-out and become a publisher I guess.

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