Friday, April 3

Its my birthday.....AND Failure Fridays!

I realise that it has been over a month since my previous post, but I have moved and umm.....(quietly whistles while looking at various other websites).

Today is my birthday...but also Friday. So I would like to try to start adding to my blog Failure Fridays. Where I can post Jobs that either I did not get, or did not pan out the way intended. I feel like all artists websites and blogs are so self-conscious that they act like some kind of evil dictator limiting the information and view that the public have of them. When in fact just about 90 percent of growth comes from these failures. I learn how to draw something when I screw it up, not when I accidentally do it perfectly the first time.

So this a small project for a local company that I bid on and lost the project to another artist (an much more appropriate choice im sure). It was a cartooning job where I would have to do various 3 panel comics detailing two childrens exploits and the family that is forced to deal with them. Here is the family lineup/breakdown I came up with. I really do like how it turned out...But in the end "the call" came through and the client went another way. But I still like the characters and it was fun to do something other than grinding teeth/capes /and blood for a while.