Saturday, August 13

Beware Issue 1 cover Preview.

Here's a look at the final colors by Liezl Buenaventura on my Cover for Issue 1 of "Beware..."

Beware...The Frogmen From Neptune never looked better!

Thursday, January 6

Beware Science Predictions Guest comic

Thought-Crimes creator and buddy of mine Joe Pangrazio has posted a 4 page comic My brother Mike wrote and I drew for his "guest creator" week. Swing by and check it out!

It was a lot of fun working in such a restrictive space with only 4 panels. Something I would certainly enjoy doing more of.

Wednesday, January 5

BEWARE promo colored

Liezl Buenaventura just delivered the first colored BEWARE...the Frogmen from Neptune Promo image to Mike and I today.  I love  absolutely everything she did with it.  The frogmen came out entirely more menacing than I originally thought!  Thank god she ignored my comments about orange and white jump-suits.

Will P

Tuesday, November 2

New Pages, New Projects

Here is a look at a couple pages recently scanned for upcoming projects.  First image below is a look at the title page of a project I created with my brother Mike Perkins that I will be posting more about in the coming months...

and this page is from an interesting Graphic Novel im doing with Spyros Evangelos Armenis over at Arcana Comics.  Nothing like good ol' Demon Hordes.  

Monday, July 12

Curse of the Snake God issue 2 preview

Here is a random sampling of pages from the second issue of CURSE of the SNAKE GOD.  Written by Marc Morrell.  

Wednesday, June 30

Wickedly Sent Soaps

I was recently commissioned by Wick-edly Sent Soap and Candle Company to provide them with several designs for an upcoming soap line to benefit AIDSRochester. The drawings were fun and with a healthy dose of Tongue in cheek.

Look for them this July at Wickedly Sent.


Its been a while since I updated...but that is due to heavy work load. Hopefully Ill be able to upload some of the newer stuff very soon.

Check out my new side-project/sketch-blog "Touched" Doodles. I keep my ipod on me at most times for impromptu drawing, at least for music. But now I downloaded a few programs that allow me to draw even on breaks from real drawings...check it out for anything and everything I feel like sketching while bored at work, bored on the couch, and even the occasional toilet sketch.

"Touched" Doodles

Tuesday, April 13

Thug Life Eternal

Just a quickie. T-shirt design I did on commission. Not sure what the caption is going to be on the t-shirt but I was assured that it would be plenty offensive. I hope I get one.

Offensive is my favorite kind of shirt. next to Hawaiian.