Tuesday, June 30

Artist Spotlight : Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Huzzah! The Rochester D&C did a piece on me for their sunday column "Artist Spotlight: Rochester's Hidden Talents" and once I looked beyond the pains of being edited...Its pretty cool. Been getting flooded with Emails and site visits. Some are even people who are not related to me!

Im a bit depressed that some of the things I thought were most important were left out (sorry Tom MacPherson and Spyros) But a nice first step.

But for now, my big brother is coming into town tomorrow, and I have to get an entire page finished so I can take it a little easy the last 2 days of the week.

The good news is that with Mike in town, by the time he leaves, we should have yet another comic idea in the hopper and ready for pre-production. Exciting times.

Sunday, June 28

CURSE OF THE SNAKE GOD: Under Production!

Started this week on the pencils for CURSE OF THE SNAKE GOD. Written by Marc Morrell, and published by Niftycomics.com. Im really excited to get this one inked and out the door. Mark has groomed me a bit and helped me really grasp the intricacies of Story-telling ive have struggled with in the past. Cant wait to show you its progress in the coming week!

Both Marc and I will be regularly updating with sketches and info from this site and his.

Saturday, June 27

"Insert Michael Jackson Joke Here"

With very little telepathic ability I can make a reasonable assumption that you have been inundated by almost anyone you talk to with at least one low-brow pun and possibly hilarious Michael Jackson joke this week. But Honestly...With any artist of considerable worth, regardless of their medium, you have to take into consideration that a little craziness comes with the package. When they are gone, you just have to hope they gave more to culture than they took.

If you think I am crazy myself, just go listen to "Off the Wall" and "Thriller" one more time....Then decide.

Ill be enjoying my personal all-time favorite "Blood On the Dance Floor".


At least we still have Feldman to carry the legacy.

Thursday, June 11

Plastic Man Pinup Project

For my second weekly project I figured I would do a better version of a previous sketch of Plastic Man. I always enjoyed him above Mr. Fantastic and even Elastic Man. Allows for a bit more artistic license and fun. This is the first day's worth of pencils not counting some sketching I did the night before. Final pencils soon. Still debating on Inking/coloring all of these. I figure I will use them as practice once it comes time to do my next batch of Inking work.

Ive already started sketching comp thumbnails for next weeks project while finishing up layouts for an upcoming project. Next week will be much more update heavy.

This drawing is much more in the style I want to do as a series.

Wednesday, June 3

Green Lantern Project

Just an update on Green Lantern Drawing. Finished most of the pencils for this project. The rest is up to inks. Good ol' Mogo pulling up the rear.

Sketch tangent

Was working on a real project and the pump just wasnt priming. So I got lost doing this sketch infront of my computer. Work went faster afterwards. Figured I would throw it up here for my daily update.

Monday, June 1


Copy Store is a comic about 2 guys that live in Greece who are secretly Demons that spend their time between running a local copy store, and attending classes in a hell-school. Homework can be a bit complicated....

I recently used this and the sequentials for Spyros Evangelos Armenis (Copy Store's creator and writer) for a FREE COMIC DAY sneak preview that I threw together.

Art by Myself.
Colors by Liezl Buenaventura. She did an absolutely amazing job. Really captured the pulp-comic tone that we were going for and an absolute pleasure to work with. It was nice to see someone else color my stuff.

You can see the rest of her work at her site HERE.