Tuesday, June 30

Artist Spotlight : Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Huzzah! The Rochester D&C did a piece on me for their sunday column "Artist Spotlight: Rochester's Hidden Talents" and once I looked beyond the pains of being edited...Its pretty cool. Been getting flooded with Emails and site visits. Some are even people who are not related to me!

Im a bit depressed that some of the things I thought were most important were left out (sorry Tom MacPherson and Spyros) But a nice first step.

But for now, my big brother is coming into town tomorrow, and I have to get an entire page finished so I can take it a little easy the last 2 days of the week.

The good news is that with Mike in town, by the time he leaves, we should have yet another comic idea in the hopper and ready for pre-production. Exciting times.

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