Friday, May 29

I think....

Composition and Layouts .If you feel like there might be something that doesnt look right for even a second. There is. Get out the eraser and do it over. Every single time ive redrawn or started from scratch, ive ended up liking the new version more. You always end up learning SOMETHING.

Nobody ever got angry about extra effort.

First Project

Been Jonzing for a Green Lantern drawing (I sometimes forget I can now draw all the things I love...with minimal disappointment). So I designed a 2 page spread/ensemble drawing. This is the first page I started. Did the majority of rendering yesterday. Always was a fan of Kilowog. The second part of the spread will be my next project. Havent decided what it will be. I originally was going to have the left side be kilowog and the rest of the corps following Hal and Tomar-Re. But now...Im aching to draw some other characters. Maybe a "C-List" ensemble. More soon. Hoping to finish pencils today/weekend so I can do some more sequentials.

Peace Out Internet.

Wednesday, May 27

New Season, New Goals

Ive found myself getting into a bad habit today. As I sat at the drafting table slapping together character ideas or just warm up sketches, I realized that outside of formal paid work this past month or so (storyboards/character designs) I really haven't produced much formal completed art work. Nothing that I could put in my portfolio at least.

I feel like I am struggling constantly between my portfolio and my technical skills. While I really just want to be able to draw everything and anything as well as humanly possible, I also NEED to have something tangible to send to future clients and project partners. So Im adding an hour a day to my schedule for final drawings. once I start a drawing, I will be updating on its progress fully until it reaches completion.

hmm...not a bad idea. Let the great Experiment BEGIN!

Now I just need to find an drawing idea.....


Tuesday, May 26

Sketchblog: couple of quickies...

Just a couple of quick sketches before jumping into doing some layouts for a project I am working on. I hope to update in the next week with more info on it. But for now...Metron and Plasticman!

Tuesday, May 12

Today's Sketch is really just a study more than anything. Just playing around with face and facial muscle I guess.

Friday, May 8

This is a sample page from Eric Williams and my short story included in Mysterious Visions Anthology. I know it doesnt count for the sketch blog,..but the true sketches will start monday.

I may be bias in this since it meant I didnt have to do much lettering on this page...but boy do I love giant silent pages. No lettering, no exposition. Just draw as much stuff on the page as possibly and let the art guide your eye. no making space for future sound effects. Im currently working on a similar page for Eric for our upcoming Super-hero/drama-thriller. It should be a blast and I hope to beat this one....