Wednesday, May 27

New Season, New Goals

Ive found myself getting into a bad habit today. As I sat at the drafting table slapping together character ideas or just warm up sketches, I realized that outside of formal paid work this past month or so (storyboards/character designs) I really haven't produced much formal completed art work. Nothing that I could put in my portfolio at least.

I feel like I am struggling constantly between my portfolio and my technical skills. While I really just want to be able to draw everything and anything as well as humanly possible, I also NEED to have something tangible to send to future clients and project partners. So Im adding an hour a day to my schedule for final drawings. once I start a drawing, I will be updating on its progress fully until it reaches completion.

hmm...not a bad idea. Let the great Experiment BEGIN!

Now I just need to find an drawing idea.....


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