Tuesday, April 13

CURSE OF THE SNAKE GOD issue 2 cover Penciled!

Here is an early look at the pencils for my cover to "Curse of the Snake God" issue 2! I was about halfway done with the snake when I absolutely began regretting it, but I always hated it when someone draws snakes and all you got was a criss cross or checkered pattern here and there. That being said....my future snakes will all be checker patterned, or maybe ill just print inside the snake (snake skin) to save us both time.

Issue 2 will introduce us to Rhemmiel's friends and supporting cast as well as the oasis sanctuary he calls home,...and a few interesting threats along the way. Inks and more as we go along!

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  1. A great cover for what's shaping up to be a fantastic comic! Can't wait to see it in print! :D