Tuesday, March 30

Spring Updates

Okay...time to catch up. This year is shaping up to be quite a busy year, and I get the feeling that if I dont start keeping this blog up to date now,...I will fall horrendously behind once the true work starts up.

Curse of the Snake God issue #2 has begun production! I finished laying out the entire issue over the last week and am currently beginning the character designs and pencils for Rhemmiel's most recent adventures. Written by Marc Morrell and published through Nifty Comics, This issue is shaping up to be more exciting and an intense draw for me. Magical Gardens, Mystic curses, and an odd creature or two on the horizon...Plus plenty of corpses. And everyone knows Will Perkins loves drawing dead stuff.

Here is an early look at a starting sketch of our leading lady in COTSG 2 ,...

More Terrok (Terrotian?) information and updates can be found at the link below,... http://terrok.m2imaging.com/

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