Saturday, February 7

COPY STORE 2 page-spread

This bad boy was a bitch to get finished. it started out as a single page splash in the script by Spyros Evangelos Armenis and the more I drew it the more cramped it felt. Before I knew it all my sketches were getting longer than they were high and I decided to just go for a 2 page spread instead. I like how a lot of it turned out. Some parts I cringe at...but that's just the way it goes. The idea was originally a much wider shot with Michael (the lead character and demon on the left) a lot smaller on the page being overwhelmed by the scenary. I decided to go for a more Mcfly approach since he is late for school and have the school be more important than Hell...he has been there after all.

I will have to scan some of my earlier sketches at a later date when I upload the rest of the pages.

More soon...for now I just have to drag more visits to this page.....all just a matter of time. Mwa-ha.

Your Pal,

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